Charity Doesn’t Solve Anything?

The world richest man — Carlos Slim, Mexican billionaire — said:

“The only way to fight poverty is with employment.”

He raised two questions:

  • Would Bill Gates and Warren Buffett be doing more for society by putting their time and money into new businesses rather than funding philanthropy?
  • Has philanthropy solved any major social problems in the past 50 years?

Good point!

I agree, if you want to help the poor, giving them money is NOT the best way. The most effective and significant method, I think, is to improve the existing society system, reduce social inequality, and give the poor more opportunities and social security.

The End

One thought on “Charity Doesn’t Solve Anything?

  1. 首富说这话之前,是不是应该搞清楚慈善基金会到底是什么干什么的,并不是捐钱的好吗!就像比尔盖茨的,就旨在促进全球卫生和教育领域的平等。★全球人的健康★教育★图书馆★美国西北部的建设,包括儿童疫苗,艾滋病,基础教育,大学奖学金等等。


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