Spreading Opinions on the Internet Not a Crime

Last year, a Chinese person was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment, one of whose crimes was spreading his opinions on the Internet.

The following review is from the presentation speech of a prestigious award:

“It has been important to remind the world that the rights so widely enjoyed today were fought for and won by persons who took great risks.

Viewed in that light, they are thus not dissidents, but representatives of the main lines of development in today’s world.

Those who fear technological advances have every reason to fear the future.

Historical experience gives us reason to believe that continuing rapid economic growth presupposes opportunities for free research, thinking and debate. And moreover: without freedom of expression, corruption, the abuse of power, and misrule will develop.

Every power system must be counterbalanced by popularly elected control, free media, and the right of individual citizens to criticise. Democracy mobilises new human and technological resources.

Many Americans were opposed to the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Martin Luther King in 1964. Looking back, we can see that the USA grew stronger when the African-American people obtained their rights.”


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