Two Ways to Raise Kids

Last week, there is a WSJ article the title of which is “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior?”. A Chinese mother in the states told the story of how she “successfully” raised up her daughters.

The reason of being “superior” is quite simple. She drove her kids to be the best they could by the means of never allowing them to watch tv, have a party, take a part in a school play etc.

Her story makes me pondering over the differences between Western parents and Chinese parents.

Western parents emphasize children’s self-esteem, and leave kids to choose to do what they love. Chinese parents push their children to be the best at what they think is best for them.

The key point here is that Western parents allow their kids to make choices themselves and Chinese parents don’t.

Is it really good?

For Chinese parents, the formula for success is very narrow-minded (great grades, ivy league, medical school, high paying job). It may work to raise exceptional students and perfect pianists or violinists, but would it be a way to raise up creators or innovators?


2 thoughts on “Two Ways to Raise Kids

  1. Something relate to the differentiation in economic performance between Western and Chinese.Nowadays in China, no Good Job ,no Good life quality .
    That ‘s why some mothers have to do.

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