Find A Place Where Really Need You

Do you know Goldman Sachs?

It is a famous investing bank in Wall street. The average salary at Goldman Sachs in 2005 was $521,000, and $633,000 in 2006.

Good job, isn’t it?

But Antonio, a physics Ph.D, said No. He spent 5 years at Goldman Sachs, then quit. “You know what I regret most? Not having left this job earlier.”

Why did he think Goldman Sachs as an awful place?

The reason is quite simple, but most people don’t understand it:

“(This place) doesn’t really need me. It doesn’t really need you either, gentle reader. A saying that made the rounds on Twitter a couple months ago is actually totally right: go out and write your own story, or you’ll just be a character in someone else’s.”

Your best job is where really need you and where you make differences.

The End

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  1. There could be an alternative way: earn sufficient money from a company like Goldman Sachs, then quit and focus on what you are really interested in

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