Fuck trends, Long live decisions

The following article by Roberto Estreitinho is so illuminating, and must be shared.

“To me, 2012 is going to be the year I stop giving a crap about trends and start giving a crap about decisions.

Trends and predictions explain themselves and no real value is truly added. They are ways to provide beautiful headlines (anyone here still reading those “Top 12 digital marketing predictions you can’t afford to miss” articles?).

What 2012 is going to be about to me: It’s going to be about making a damn decision for your life, and sticking with it no matter what.

Don’t predict, don’t brainstorm, don’t “I had this genius idea”. Just make a fucking decision about your life and follow your path.


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  1. Hi Ruan! Thanks so much for picking up my post, I’m really glad you liked it. Let me also tell you I didn’t know about your blog, but I really like the style and themes of your posts. I’ll start coming by more regularly. ;) Cheers!

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