First Step of Time Management

How to manage your time?

The first thing you need to do, may be of getting rid of stuffs you will not use any more.

There are 3 reasons.

(1) By doing this, you can more easily find the things you do want.

(2) You need time and space to look after your collection. If getting rid of these things you don’t want, the time and space could be saved.

(3) Having a lot of stuff around, also means that you have an extra distraction, which is something you should avoid when you try to reach your life goals in the limited amount of time your have left.

In conclusion, “life is just so damn precious that you should be focusing on living your passion and making achievements in life rather than being bogged down by stuff that you are hoarding for a rainy day.

Please value your time more than value your money. Keeping a minimalist lifestyle, is a way of saving your time and reaching the real important thing in your life.

If something doesn’t really add any value to your life, get rid of it.



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