Don’t Focus On Employment

The focus of our economy is employment. Everytime the unemployment rate rises higher, politicians always become anxious and distressed, and cry to implement some measures to stimulate the economy.

This is wrong. Because the time has changed, technology will replace more ande more jobs, the size of company will become smaller, and more and more people will work for themselves.

Employment should no longer be the focus of the economy.

“The question we have to begin to ask ourselves is not how do we employ all the people who are rendered obsolete by technology, but how can we organize a society around something other than employment? “

“What we lack is not employment, but a way of fairly distributing the bounty we have generated through our technologies, and a way of creating meaning in a world that has already produced far too much stuff.”

And job is not like before.

“we no longer need to make stuff in order to make money. We can instead exchange information-based products.”

“We start by accepting that food and shelter are basic human rights. The work we do — the value we create — is for the rest of what we want: the stuff that makes life fun, meaningful, and purposeful.”

(via Are jobs obsolete?)


We Have Enough Food

According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization , there is enough food produced to provide everyone in the world with 2,720 kilocalories per person per day. The figure is even after many production capability is still standing idle. (HINT: An adult can keep alive with 1,800 kilocalories per day.)

Maybe you will argue food is not nutrition, and much people still don’t get enough nutrition.

But the fact is we do produce enough food to feed all people in this planet.


Something You should know before founding a Start-Up


Be brave, get out there, and tell the world what you’re thinking—even if you aren’t yet sure about all the details.


You’re going to be asked again and again why you’re the best person (or team) to build your product, and you better have a great reason.


Most people don’t really realize just how long the hours will be and just how much your company will become an extension of yourself.


Most importantly, don’t take yourself too seriously!

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