Eight years today

Paul Buchheit’s reminiscence. very touching.

“The winter of 2004 felt so cold and rainy, the coldest I can remember it ever being here in California. The cold had a kind of depth that you can’t quite escape.

But on March 9th it was sunny and starting to get a little warm. Winter was over, and my brother had just died that morning.

We left the hospital and returned to his apartment in Menlo Park. It felt so wrong. He was gone, but his belongings were still there. Eventually we would have to pack them all into boxes, keeping some for ourselves, and donating the rest.

It does not feel good to pack up the remains of your brother’s life.”

Eight years passed.

“… Eight years since Steve died. I keep looking for meaning, but all I’ve found so far is that in order to be at peace with the present, we must be at peace with the past, because the present is a product of the past. Accept. Accept. Accept. Learn to love the present moment. What happened, happened.”


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