How To Make It Happen

You want to be yourself, and to accomplish some achievements which you’ll be proud to talk about.

How to make it happen?

I quote some great sentences from Jason Shen’s essay, HOW TO BE RELENTLESSLY RESOURCEFUL [A PRACTICAL GUIDE].

Step One: Grit/Not Quitting

“You should have long term goals you are really really determined to achieve.

Don’t start unless you have the bullheaded tenacity to finish.”

Step Two: Learn enough to get a clue

“It’s important not to get stuck in the learning phase.

You can “study” forever and never accomplish anything. In fact, many people do just that – they “study” fitness, or dating techniques or personal finance forever and don’t actually do anything. That, my friend, is death.

Don’t get stuck.”

Step Three: Actually take action

“What separates people who really “make things happen” and analysts is action.”

“Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway . Learning indefinitely will not solve your problems.”

“Push through your fear of failure and rejection and take massive, prolific action toward your goals.”

Step Four: Repeat Until You Succeed

“At the end of the day, YOU have to take the initiative and responsibility for making things happen. No one else.”

“It’s through DOING that you figure out what NOT to do next time.”


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