[QOTD 2014-03-01] Always pick the choice that scares you a little

Quote Of The Day:

“One of my philosophies is to always pick the choice that scares you a little. The status quo, the path of least resistance, the everyday routine — that stuff is easy. Anyone can do that. But the right decisions, the decisions that challenge you, the ones that push you to evolve and grow and learn, are always a little scary.

Jeff Atwood

Remember this, the right decision is the one which scares you a little.


Philosophy of Stack Exchange and Discourse

Jeff Atwood is the co-founder of Stack Exchange and Discourse. He talked about his philosophy.

” My philosophy is my happiness only becomes real when I share it with all of you.

This is the philosophy that underlies Stack Overflow. This is the philosophy that underlies Discourse. These are all projects based on large scale, communal shared happiness. Love of learning. Love of teamwork. Love of community.

I should produce something like that — share happiness among community.