About Me

My name is Ruan YiFeng(阮一峰). You can call me Frank. I was born in 1970s.

I am an IT developer focusing on web technology, and a strong advocate and believer of Free Software. Now I am employed by Alipay.com as an Node/JavaScript engineer.

I have an Economics degree, and once worked for a local college in Shanghai as an assistant professor.

In spare time, I like reading book, surfing internet, watching movie and taking a leisurely walk outdoors.



  • ECMAScript 6入门(电子工业出版社,2014,ISBN 9787121238369)
  • 黑客与画家(人民邮电出版社,2011,ISBN 9787115249494)
  • 软件随想录(人民邮电出版社,2009,ISBN 9787115216342)
  • 异常流行幻象与群众疯狂/困惑之惑([台湾]财讯出版社,2007,ISBN 9789867084385)
  • 下一个大泡泡(中国社会科学出版社,2005,ISBN 9787500452300)

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